Business Start Up


 []    Prepare Business Plan

 []    Establish Business type (Sole Prop, Corp, S-Corp, LLC, etc...)

 []    File business type or trade name with Secretary of States Office or other applicable state agency

 []    Prepare Corporate by-laws, Member Control Agreement, or Partnership Agreement (if applicable)

 []    File form SS-4 (Employer Identification Number)

 []    Open business bank account

 []    File form 8832 (Entity Classification Election, if applicable)

 []    File form 2553 (If electing for S-Corp status for tax purposes)

 []    File other state forms, if applicable

       []    Sales/Use tax permit

       []    State Unemployment (file for owner exemption for Corp & LLC?)

       []    Workers Compensation (file for owner exemption for Corp & LLC?)

       []    State tax withholding permit(s)

 []    File other federal forms, if applicable

 []    2678 Agent Payer form

       []    8655 IRS Authorizations (EFTPS)

       []    2848 (Power of Attorney)

 []    Document the transfer property to the business (Cash, equipment, etc..)  If incorporated, must do section 351 transfer.

 []    Set up your accounting system

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